Ben and Joe.  Ben is sporting the sunglasses

Joe with Ben and a couple of the children at the Les Cayes orphanage in Haiti 

Ben and another child in their classroom uniforms before school at the orphanage
 Ben, Betsy, and Lovely.  Ben never let Betsy go too far.  Lovely was another child who took to Betsy.  She even wrote Betsy a letter telling her how Jesus loves her
 Joe, Ben, and Ephtonline.
 Betsy and Ephtonline.  Ephtonline had a hard time keeping her eyes open during pictures
 Joe with Caleb, Ben, Ephtonline, and Sanjia.  They are all cousins except for Caleb who is Ephtonline's brother.  Love this picture especially of Ephtonline who is cheesing with her eyes closed.   Priceless!!
 Betsy and I with Ben, Sanjia, Ephtoniline, and Caleb.  Wish we could bring them all home.......
 Joe with Ben.  Ben has my LifeFlight surgical cap on and eventually gets my Predators cap too  ;)
Betsy with Lovely, Ben, and a few of the children in Les Cayes, Haiti 
 Ben with Joe.  Love this pic!
 Ben with Betsy
Ben with Joe in the pharmacy at the Les Cayes orphanage.  Love this picture as well because Ben is imitating Joe. 
Joe, Ben, and Betsy

Ben and Ephtonline January 2011 at Cambri Orphanage

Ben and Ephtonline January 2011 at Cambri Orphanage

Ben, January 2011, at Cambri orpahange

Ephtonline, January 2011 at Cambri orphanage

Ephtonline January 2011 at Cambri orphanage

Ben holding on Joe
 Ben, Joe and Te-Te after pillow fighting on the bed
 Te Te showing off her art
Joe and Te Te

Ben and his scary face....
Watch out or he'll get you!

Betsy and Te Te.  Te Te getting her nails done for the first tme

 Joe and Te Te
Ben and Joe showing off their muscles  ;)

Te Te, Betsy and Ben

Joe and Te Te

Betsy, Ben, and Te Te.
The Family before church

Ben and Te Te in their new church clothes

Ben and Joe

Te Te and Joe
Ben and Betsy
 Ben and Te Te riding one of the bikes at the Creche
 Joe, Ben and Te Te on the way to the Zoo in Haiti
Our Family at the zoo in Haiti
Betsy and Te Te

 The Family outside of Fort Jacques in Haiti
Ben sleeping on the way back home from the Zoo and Fort Jacques

Joe, Betsy, and Te Te

Joe and Te Te

Betsy and Ben at dinner

The Family together

Another picture of the Family

My beautiful girl

 Joe and Ben
 Betsy and Te Te......She was wore out