Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday BEN!!!! ...Unanswered Prayers

Curiosity took over  as I wandered what I was doing 7 yrs ago today, when my precious baby boy was being born 1537 miles away.  I pulled my medical record and learned I was in the middle of a cycle in which I was undergoing multiple hormone tests essentially every few days.  Looking back we had started our fertility journey approximately 1 month after Yphterline was born nearly a yr and a half earlier!  I am most confident Joe and I were sending up boocous of prayers in hopes we would soon start our family. Not only us, but our friends and family!  Praying for our son or daughter! I am overwhelmed as I think back and realize all these prayers were answered on this very day!  All along I struggled to understand why we were not able to have children.  8  long years of seeing people who had not planned pregnancy become parents.  Many,many of Joe's patients lose their lives to abusive parents!  Things that seemed impossible to comprehend, yet here we were not conceiving!.  Precious children being abused and abandoned everyday! Yet here we were without a family!  Those were some of the most difficult days of our lives~  Now I look back and see the miracle was happening all along!  God knew from the day these precious children were born Ben would one day grab ahold of my hand and ahold of our hearts!  What an amazing God we serve! His Plan is always Perfect!  We will thank him to the end of days for giving us the most precious gift of our family!!!  We encourage all our friends who are sending up unanswered prayers,  to never lose faith!! God will always provide!
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9


Please pray for a miracle to bring our children home by Christmas!!!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following along with our journey!

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunity to donate to our adoption as a tax deduction!!  If you are interested please email us for more info!!!  Thanks again for all those who have already contributed!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bitter Sweet!

First - we want to thank everyone for the recent support of our last  minute fundraising yard sale!  Together with two of our fellow beloved adopting families we were able to raise $1200 ($400 per family!)  Thank you so much for the donations particularly my wonderful sister Katrina!  And also for those of you who spread the word online!  Donna you are my companion in this never ending roller coaster ride and together we will triumph in this journey.  One day my Ephi will be babysitting for your precious Grace!!!!  Imagining the glorious days ahead helps me to cope with the desolute days we endure now!

The adoption update is unfortantely difficult news to share.  We are in desperate need of prayer!  Everything adoption related in Haiti seems to be at a standstill!!!  The new President took office in May.  His first task is to appoint a new Prime Minister.  His first two nominations have been declined by the parliment.  We desperately need the position to be filled ASAP!!!  Once the office is filled they will be able to begin to appoint directors/ministers of various divisions of the goverment.  We are hopeful the new head of social services will implement processes that will dramatically decrease the current 1-2yr adoption timeframe! 
Please Please pray and ask everyone you know to pray for the appointment of a new prime minister!!  This is critical to us being able to finally bring our children home!

Thank you for your continued support!  We strive daily to have Patience!  We know God's Timing is Perfect!

Joe and Betsy

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fundraising Event!!!

    despite our desperate cry at the end of the spring that we would never have a yard sale again we come to this crossroads! We must raise more money to bring our precious children home!!  So we join forces with our friends and embark upon it again!
  1. First and foremost, please pray for lots of people to attend the sale and for a great end-of-the-day total for all three families.
  2. We need items to sell. Do you or know of anyone that would like that garage, attic or closet cleaned out? We'll take it! Anything and everything can sell. It amazes to me this day what sells or what doesn't. We will be happy to pick it up too!
  3. Home-baked goods to sell. This has proven in the past to be a huge success and money maker!
  4. Spread the word by letting those know about our Yard Sale fundraiser. The details are:
Yard Sale

A Benefit to Help Bring Home Four Beautiful Orphans


Friday, September 2, 2011

7:00 am - 2:00 pm

Saturday, September 3, 2011

7:00 am - 2:00 pm


Saturday, September 3, 2011

12:00 noon - 2:00 pm


1029 Dorset Drive in Hendersonville

Somerset Downs subdivision - 1 mile from Beech High School

Questions or to Donate Items?

Please call Betsy@ 975-3351
or email her at

Thank you!
Please spread the word!  All donations are so greatly appreciated!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Haitian Hope bracelets

We are still in the process.....the very long process.  We are in the waiting game which seems to be such a long waiting game.  Our next step is to get into IBESR which is pretty much Haitian immigration.  We were told this past week that we will soon enter IBESR as we are only waiting on one more document.  We appreciate all of the prayers and concerns we have had from all of our family and friends.  We continue to pray for a fast and smooth adoption process and have faith things will go quickly once we get into IBESR.  While we are waiting we are still fundraising as our next payments are not too far away.

We still have many more bracelets up for sale to assist us in the fundraising to help bring Ben and Tay Tay home.  We have many different colors.  The bracelets were made in Haiti by a Haitian we met while on a medical mission trip. 

If you would like to have any then you can either email us at or you can call Joe at 615-975-3350 or Betsy at 615-975-3351.  We can bring them to you or mail them to you without any additional costs.  The bracelets are $10.00 a piece. 

Thank you for your help in bringing our children home!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fundraising Ideas???

We are desperately trying to raise the $14,000 we have left out of 40,000 to complete our adoption!  Anyone have any fundraising ideas?? Love to hear them!

5 Wonderful Days as FAMILY!!

Despite the delays getting out of Nashville causing us to spend the night in Miami and arrive a day late, our trip to Haiti exceeded anything we could have imagined in every possible way!  From the second we walked in the door and the kids ran into our arms we felt our family we had prayed for so long was finally a reality. The smiles we witnessed all week which not only covered their faces but shone through their eyes were definitely an answer to prayers.  Thanks to each of you who having been praying so much!
Our week was filled with firsts.. our first meal together, first time giving our children a "bath", first time with them experiencing a hairdryer,  first time snuggling and sleeping together (DEFINITELY a highlight of the trip for us!!!) plus many many more.  The new creche (orphanage) that they have been moved to is absolutely first class.  They have three hot meals everyday. Many wonderful caregivers that love on them and show them God's love everyday.  Bikes to ride- definitely a highlight to them.  When we showed them a video of their cousins riding bikes here in TN they were SO excited learning they would be able to have their very own bike in the United States!   We fit together so perfectly!!  We really got to know their personalities.  Ben and TeTe(pronounced TayTay) get along wonderfully and although we did observe a few bickers (though we really had no idea what they were saying to each other because they only speak creole) they behaved very well and we have no doubt they will support each other in their transition to life in America.  We have talked about what our favorite things were which are very hard to determine because it was all so wonderful but a few include nightly pillow fights and tickle tortures hearing their amazing giggles; Joe teaching Ben a few new basketball skills; sharing meals together and their delight with ice; amazing church service as a family; Really feeling like parents for the first time.
Although we were worried about the language barrier it was not as big of an issue as we anticipated.  We have some creole lessons we listen to in the car and Joe really did a great job communicating with the kids.  For Betsy it was just amazing how much we could communicate without words.  In nursing we learn 70% of communication is nonverbal and this most definitely proved true.  For the kids I think the highlights were glace (ice).  After every meal they would empty all the leftover ice from our glasses and the ice bowl and fill their water bottles.  They were truly amazed by how cold it would make their water.  Something we as Americans totally take for granted and expect, we should all pause and thank the Lord for how blessed we really are!!!!!!  They also enjoyed the nightly "rough housing" with poppy!  Apparently it is not customary in Haiti for fathers to "play" with their children!  They really loved this time spent with poppy and it was so wonderful to hear their laughs and screams of pure joy.  For mommy, the nightly showers were not a chore but a pure delight.  Mommy even let them stay in a few minutes longer than the allotted 5 minute shower cap just so they could play a few minutes, a privilege they had never experienced.  The warm water in the shower was another first for them.  TeTe loved it but Ben after getting over the excitement of the water coming out warm and running naked back into the room to share this news with TeTe decided 15 seconds into it he preferred the fret(cold) shower! He was totally adorable playing with the cup dumping ice cold water over his head and loving every minute of it with the biggest smile and magical giggles!  TeTe discovered the hair dryer and wanted to dry her hair each night only succeeding to frizz out her braids.  Mommy never tackled the hair!  Thankfully the caregivers there are very devoted to keeping the kids hair looking its best and rebraided her hair halfway through our stay. It took about 3 hours and she slept through the whole thing.  Ben wanted poppy to shave his head which apparently is how he thinks he looks most handsome.  Speaking of handsome... we had the wonderful opportunity to go to church with the kids on Sunday.  This was a wonderful experience.  We had hoped for this and taken along a 4 piece suit for Ben and a beautiful church dress for TeTe.  They were very excited to get all dressed up and after posing for a few pics, they had to go show off their new digs to the other kids down at the creche.  On Monday we were able to take a day excursion to the Haitian "zoo" and Fort Jacques.  This was wonderful time getting away from the creche and allowing the kids to get out and experience a monkey for the first time.  Riding in the car was definitely different than what they will experience in America as they stood the majority of the way so they could see everything there was to see. (until Ben fell asleep in poppy's lap).  There is no such thing as a seat belt much less car seat in Haiti.
From the time we arrived to the time we drove away to head back to the airport the kids were with us!  It was truly the best 5days ever!  We can not wait to get them home and never have to make them cry because we must leave them.  We have felt something undeniable in our hearts since we first met them telling us we were meant to be a family.  This past week was not only a feeling in our hearts (which grew exponentially) but a real life experience of our family!  We could feel their loving hands around us, taste their precious kisses and for poppy taste their tender skin as he ate them up,  see the beautiful smiles which penetrated deep into their eyes, hear their laughter, immense emotion in their dialogue, and amazing voices as they sang.  It was as if we had always been a family.  We guess in God's eyes we always have.  We will never stop praising him for leading us to Haiti, to the desolate home our children had to endure to meet us, and to the place he has now brought them.  One day soon He bring us together forever.  We can't wait for you to meet them!  Thanks for everything you have done to support us on this journey!  We love you!
Living By Faith~
Poppy and Mommy, TeTe snd Ben

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orphanage Needs List

If you don't know Joe and I are traveling to Haiti to see our children who have finally been moved to the creche in Port Au Prince one week from tomorrow!!!!!  Needless to say our hearts are overjoyed!

 I have had several people today ask me if there was anything the orphanage needed they could donate for us to take along.  The following is a list of items from the creche's website.  I will be at St Thomas Monday and Tuesday so please have items to me by then for this trip or if you are unable to get them by then we can always take them next time!
 We have been overwhelmed by the generous spirit of our friends. 
 We love you all so much!
 MEZI(Thank you) from the children of New Life Link!

Current Needs for NEW LIFE LINK

DONATIONS are graciously and gratefully accepted
Donations of Food, Clothing and Medicine and Other Key Necessities

Medicine : We need Imodium and antibiotics. Imodium is very expensive in Haiti. We also can use vitamins for children.
●    Imodium
●    Antibiotics for children
●    Vitamins

Toiletry Needs :

●    Baby soap and shampoo, hair bands and clasps for the little girls, laundry detergent,
●    Ammens powder, pampers, cloth diapers, baby wipes
●    Shampoo for adults
●    Vaseline petroleum
●    Toothpaste
●    Soap bar
●    Towels (colored if possible).

Clothes for ages 0-14 (Boys and Girls): We desperately need more clothes (ONLY SUMMER CLOTHES, please !).
●    Sheets (crib size and twin size), children's clothing (baby and older child), Shorts
●    T-shirts
●    Underwear and Socks:
●    Dresses
●    Black shoes for church and ceremonies! (Very important and we do not have enough).
●    Sandals and Sneakers
●    Flip flops (Please summer clothing only: it almost never gets below 700 F in Haiti!)

Food :
The following are some of the items that we use most :
    Baby cereal, soy and milk-based infant formula, lots of baby rice cereal.
●    Dried cereal, Oatmeal (I know someone who loves dried raisins and raisin brand cereal J
●    Canned Tuna, Fish, Chicken and Ham/Meat. Please get it in cans as large as possible! We feed 60 children at HFC + the NEW LIFE LINK children 3 times a day. (Please no low fat/health foods. Rice, powdered milk, powered eggs, pasta, peanut butter, jelly, beans, are not significantly more expensive in Haiti and so it is preferable to collect meat and tuna cans above anything else.)

School Supplies :

●    children's toys
●    Children's and School books in FRENCH
●    Children's Backpacks 
P. S.  Please bring the above items as you come to Haiti. Do not send us packages or boxes of clothing or food items. It costs too much money to get them out of customs. It is not worth it.