Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bitter Sweet!

First - we want to thank everyone for the recent support of our last  minute fundraising yard sale!  Together with two of our fellow beloved adopting families we were able to raise $1200 ($400 per family!)  Thank you so much for the donations particularly my wonderful sister Katrina!  And also for those of you who spread the word online!  Donna you are my companion in this never ending roller coaster ride and together we will triumph in this journey.  One day my Ephi will be babysitting for your precious Grace!!!!  Imagining the glorious days ahead helps me to cope with the desolute days we endure now!

The adoption update is unfortantely difficult news to share.  We are in desperate need of prayer!  Everything adoption related in Haiti seems to be at a standstill!!!  The new President took office in May.  His first task is to appoint a new Prime Minister.  His first two nominations have been declined by the parliment.  We desperately need the position to be filled ASAP!!!  Once the office is filled they will be able to begin to appoint directors/ministers of various divisions of the goverment.  We are hopeful the new head of social services will implement processes that will dramatically decrease the current 1-2yr adoption timeframe! 
Please Please pray and ask everyone you know to pray for the appointment of a new prime minister!!  This is critical to us being able to finally bring our children home!

Thank you for your continued support!  We strive daily to have Patience!  We know God's Timing is Perfect!

Joe and Betsy

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  1. Oh, just had to go and make me if that is a hard task, especially in this last year. :) I am so very thankful we found one another to share this roller coaster ride together! And, I love the thought of your sweet Ephi babysitting Grace!!! I love to think about how many friends they will have the opportunity to have who will be of all different nationalities!! I like to think it will be our way of helping to stamp out racism!! LOL!! On a serious note guys are in our prayers already but we will definitely pray specifically now and will encourage others to do so. Stap in, hang on and let's keep riding this roller coaster together sweet friend!!